Battle Forge: The Defense Innovation Platform

As the center of gravity for technology innovation has shifted from the defense-industrial complex to places like Silicon Valley, there is an increasing need to harvest sources of technology innovation that are outside of the immediate sphere of influence of the Department of Defense (DoD). And do so in a holistic, repeatable, and highly efficient manner. This idea represents a major change to how DoD currently conducts business, enabling organic R&D costs to be substantially displaced to the commercial marketplace, and is a foundational component of the Defense 2.0 thesis: more capability for less cost.

Battle Forge is Mav6′s small contribution to this objective. It will be a focal point to forge today’s art of the possible, crossing industries and disciplines, with operational insights from the field to rapidly design and build capabilities for urgent edgefighter needs. It consists of web-enabled and physical resources that combine to provide a streamlined facility for the 1) collaboration, 2) co-creation, and 3) deployment of game-changing military tech.

If I sound a bit light on the details here, that’s because I am. We’re still framing the Battle Forge concept. Suffice it to say, Battle Forge will represent the manifestation of a vision to create a defense marketplace for ideas augmented by a full spectrum of co-creation and relationship management capabilities required to turn great ideas into great technologies that will impact the edgefighter community. In keeping with the idea that the community is smarter than any lone individual or company, we will be seeking to evolve the Battle Forge idea in collaboration with the edgefighter community of interest as part of the broader Defense 2.0 conversation. As soon as I know how we are going to do this, I will let you know… But once we figure it out, I am hoping that we can count on your expertise to make Battle Forge a paradigm-changing success!

2 responses to “Battle Forge: The Defense Innovation Platform

  1. Your insight into the future of the battle space is enlightening. I look forward to MAV6 forging the new metal needed to be truly cutting edge (ie: Katana steel). So we can minimize the bleeding edge of traditional military spending thus saving the precious blood of the edgefighter.

  2. I would recommend that greater collaboration take place between the commercial sector and DOD, focusing on reducing operational costs for the DOD in relation to fuel. There are currently a number of companies investigating the creation of synthetic fuels around the globe. One such example is cited in the article below, listing a synthetic fuel alternative being created by Craig Venter that is ;

    I applaud you for your efforts in working to improve the safety of those around the globe.



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